Post-Round One angst

May 26, 2009

Santos felt pretty confident after the Round One spelling test, which he took at 10 a.m. via PC. Bee rules prohibit him from telling us any of the words, but since he’s a statistics-savvy kind of kid, he immediately began tallying the number of words he knows he got right, the number he knows he missed, and the number in the gray area between.

Gulp. Our advice: Take a breather and look forward to tomorrow.

None of the spellers will learn the results of the Round One spelling until after tomorrow’s two oral preliminary rounds (broadcast on the subscription-only That’s when the steep cut happens, and at most 50 of 293 spellers move ahead — less than one in six.

We’re off in a little while to tonight’s assembly, where Bee officials will explain the rules for tomorrow. We’ll post after then.


One Response to “Post-Round One angst”

  1. geri Says:

    I find myself looking forward to “checking in” with this blog …and therefore, I feel like I’m there with you …this is so exciting … and I am thrilled to know it is not “all work and no play” … sounds like you are having a splendid time…Bravo already…!

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