Semifinalist statistics

May 27, 2009

Now that Santos’ spelling career has come to an end, we’re going to spend the rest of the week enjoying the competition. Hope you will, too.

It will indeed be a competition. The 41 kids heading into tomorrow’s semifinals include last year’s runner-up, Sidharth Chand. He delivers words with laser precision, and he’s the one to beat.

Also in the semifinals are a gaggle of spellers who are no strangers to the Bee.  Twenty-two of the 41 semifinalists are multi-year Bee competitors. Four are here for the fourth time: Josephine Kao, Vaibhav S. Vavilala, Kavya Shivashankar and Keiko S. Bridwell. Seven more are in their third year, and another 11, like Santos, are here for the second year (including the fun Zach Zagorsky).

That leaves 19 first-timers. Perhaps there’s a dark horse among them?

Semifinals are on ESPN starting at 10 a.m. ABC broadcasts the finals starting at 8 p.m.

We’ll be in the audience, cheering!


2 Responses to “Semifinalist statistics”

  1. aunt re Says:

    Ah…there really is something about the release of pressure that enables one to simply ENJOY…AND HAVE FUN…see from a “different” perspective… These are the days that you will remember with joy… oh, and by the way, Have Fun…!!!

  2. Great effort, Santos!! That’s a huge improvement, and it sets you firmly on track to compete again in next year’s match! DeBarros family, enjoy the rest of your week stress-free!

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